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Chris Harker is a photographer based in Bern, Switzerland. In 2020 he completed his Master of Photography at the University of Art and Design in Lausanne (ECAL). Since 2015 he has been photographing human and natural landscapes. His later work is primarily concerned with the notion of anthropocentrism and explores different understandings of being on this earth.

-> @instagram

He works as an architectural photographer in Switzerland and Europe. For commissions and further information please visit www.brueggerharker.ch

-> Publications

Higurashi, Publication → 2021
Étapes Magazine, Diplômes 2020, Paris → 2020
OXI, selfpublished photobook → 2017

-> Shows

Pneuma at Airy Encounters: Respiratory Philosophy and Sound Arts, Symposium on the breath, Helsinki, Finland → 2022
Guardare l’utopia, Biennale dell'immagine di Chiasso, group exhibition → 2019
ECAL x Taisuke Koyama, Tokyo photographic research, group exhibition in Tokyo → 2019
ECAL at Paris Photo: Mirage Club, group exhibition → 2018
Scala Naturae exhibited at GAF, Hanover, groub exhibition → 2018
Schwob-Haus c/o Stadtgalerie Bern, group exhibition → 2017

-> Education

2018–2020    MA Major in Photography, University of Art and Design in Lausanne (ECAL)
2012–2018     BA Photojournalism and Documentary Photography, University of Applied Sciences and Arts Hannover

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